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Mountain West Logos That Did Not Make The Cut

This was first made a fan shot, but the image is too small to see the glory of all the logos, but in a regular post the image can be larger, thanks to BoiseState78.

Here is a list of Mountain West logos that did not make the cut from Savacool Secviar who created the new Mountain West logo.


These mock ups were on the companies website but were then removed sometime yesterday, but the folds at had copied the image and posted it there for prosperity. I assume it was removed because of the dislike of the initial release of the logo, so they wanted to remove potential logos that may have been liked by the masses.

Some of these are actually better then what the final product was. I like the flying MWC which is the fourth down from top left or the one's on the top right section, or the circle logo with the M on top of the W which is at the bottom left of the first page.

We will learn to at lest tolerate the only logo with a nickname in "The Rock."


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