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PHOTO: Mountain West Super Secret New Logo Is Released And It Falls Short Of The Hype

So, the secret and hyped new Mountain West logo was released today:


So... yeah. At least we can say it is still a bazillion times better then the Big 10 division names 'Leaders' and 'Legends.'

Here is what one of the commenters said in a prior post about the logo: "kind of reminds me of the current White Castle logo." So, judge for your self.


It is very similar, and really not too creative.

The word 'corporate' was tossed around in the press conference which is fine, but it shows little creativity on the leagues part. I get the removal of the Mountains since the league will have Hawai'i and is losing Utah and BYU, but the inverted color scheme and using a play on the similar shape of 'W' and 'M' seems a bit amateurish and not corporate.

Then again it is just a logo, but I think the league should have keep the name Mountain West in the logo and not off to the side, because no one will know what the block M and W is without the name Mountain West next to it.

The big fuss over keeping this new logo a secret and hyping it up was a bit much in my opinion.

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