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Bill Hancock Feels 'Confident' After Metting With Department Of Justice

Bill Hancock finally met today with the Department of Justice for 90 minutes and the anti-BCS crowd was hoping for something to happen, but the DOJ is not providing any comments. However, Bill Hancock said he was 'confident' when describing the meeting:

"I went into it confident that the BCS complies with the law, and I left the meeting even more confident," Hancock said. ". . . They asked good questions. They asked how the BCS operates, and talked about access and finances. I gave them some history.

"We had an opportunity to explain what we do and why it doesn't pose any antitrust concerns . . . that it improved access (to top-tier bowls) and attendance and the (championship) game is much more of a national game and fans have benefited.

Hancock also threw out that by the BCS standards that the BCS title game featured No. 1 vs. No. 2 each of the past 13 years.


The BCS formula will ALWAYS pit the top two teams according to their super secret formula (and sometimes inaccurate computer rankings) but not everyone agrees with who the top two teams are. According to the AP, their No. 1 vs. No. 2 team has met in the BCS title 10 out of 13 years.

The ball is now in the DOJ's court as they are not commenting on this, so we must wait and see what their next move. While the DOJ is keeping quiet, out west Utah's Attorney General Mark Shurtleff is seeking law firms to join his case against the BCS. Firms that want to join Shurtleff have until Aug. 8 to do so and this means not much will happen against the BCS for a while.

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