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Cable One to Add CBS Sports to its Lineup

Cable One will be adding CBS Sports (formerly CBS College Sports) to its lineup on August 1st, according to a report by Brian Murphy at the Idaho Statesman.  That is great news for Boise State fans who have cable television and who, for whatever reason, have been reluctant to switch to Direct TV.  Cableone's CBS Sports service will start up only three days before the Boise State-Georgia game in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Classic at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta which is already scheduled on the ESPN network.  CBS Sports will be airing three Boise State football games beginning with Tulsa at Boise State on September 24.  The other two are Boise State at UNLV on November 5, followed by Boise State at San Diego State on November 19.

This means that all of Boise States football games will be available in the Boise area on the Cable One network.  Direct TV is the only other television service that will broadcast all of the Bronco's games.  The announcement today noted that the cable company will launch the sports network not only throughout the Idaho market, but in select markets in Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas as well.

Cable One will be adding the program to their Digital Value Pak lineup which already carries Versus and the Mtn.  CBS Sports will be on 332 in the Boise area.  While the digital channels are not yet available in HD, Cable One has stated that the programing will eventually be in HD.