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2011 NBA Draft: Jimmer Fredette Selected 10th Overall Heading To Sacramento Kings

Jimmer Fredette was taken 10th overall to the Milwaukee Bucks, but a trade by Bucks ended up sending Fredette to the Sacramento Kings when they traded their No. 7 pick to the Milwaukee Bucks along with Beno Udrih in exchange for No. 10 and good ol' John Salmons. The pick by the Kings was unexpected as many mock drafts had the Kings taking San Diego State's Kawhi Leonard and Fredette heading to the Utah Jazz with the 12th overall pick.

There are a lot of BYU fans who hoped that Fredette would have been drafted by the Utah Jazz so that they could see him in person more often then a few times a year now when the Kings come to town.

Let's see if ESPN's Rick Reilly will be eating crow over this statement:

The funny thing is, I hope he does become an NBA star. He's humble, friendly and smart. It's just not going to happen. In fact, if Jimmer Fredette ever makes an NBA All-Star team, I'll donate $10,000 to his favorite charity, even if it's The Society to Stick Sharp Things in the Eyes of Aging Sports Writers. Tell you what, I'll donate $5,000 if he starts a game, any game, his first year in the league. I'm serious.

I will keep Mr. Reilly to his word and shoot him an email as soon as Fredette starts a game for the KIngs.

Go checkout SB Nation's Sacramento Kings blog Sactown Royalty for their reaction about Jimmer Fredette.

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