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Update on Brandon Wimberly

Here's an update with some of the relevant information on Brandon. From's Chris Murray:

Wimberly still in pain: The 22-year-old is still in a lot of pain. He hasn't been able to move much and when I asked Ault if he was able to walk, he said: "Oh, God no. This is pretty severe." The bullet went in one side of Wimberly's torso and out the other side, damaging a lot of his organs. "Not much has changed. It’s still very serious," Ault said. "They moved him to the ICU and they’re monitoring him it seems like every couple of minutes. There’s always somebody with him to make sure he’s doing all right. But it’s still very serious."

He's able to talk: Wimberly's family is at the hospital and both Ault and Pack receivers coach Scott Baumgartner have made several visits. Wimberly has been able to speak. "He’s conscious," Ault said. "He’s drowsy and they’re pumping him full of morphine. He’s in a lot of pain still. But he’s conscious and we’ve been able to talk to him a little. He’s so groggy that he can’t really hold a conversation right now. He’ll say something and then doze off. But he’s said that he’s knows we’re there."

So his condition is still pretty bad, but he is able to communicate and is conscious and aware of his surroundings. I'll bulletpoint some of the other relevant info from the link above.

  • Coach Ault is limiting visits from his teammates for now because he doesn't want to overstress or overwork Brandon. Ault has spoken with about 75% of the team and hasn't had a team meeting as of yet.
  • Initially the projection was he would be in the hospital for about two weeks, but that projection is pretty fluid right now. It sounds like it could be awhile. Ault told Murray that "Wimberly's recovery will be measured in months rather than weeks". Ault's first question for the doctors was whether he would be able to continue to earn his degree in the fall and was told he should be able to, so that's the goal right now.
  • The support for Brandon has been "overwhelming". From Ault: "My phone is ringing off the hook with calls and emails. It has been pretty touching to see how many people have sent their good wishes and prayers his way. It tells you what kind of person Wim is and how much he means to people.
  • Ault is not saying who the other Pack players were that were there that night (two of them were reportedly working as bouncers at the venue). I don't think that information is relevant at this point and expect the names to be revealed eventually. Allegedly all the members of the group were involved in a fight and after the other group had gotten into their car, Wimberly approached the vehicle and that was when the shot was fired.
  • The Reno PD are "actively working on the case" and so far no arrests have been made. Investigators are reviewing video from the venue working to try to obtain the identity of the shooter. A photo of the car has been released (I'll post it after the jump).

Here's the photo of the vehicle the shooter was traveling in:



While its likely no one around here would have any information for the investigation, I'll post the phone numbers to contact the Reno PD anyway since it can't hurt. Anyone with information is encouraged to call Robbery/Homicide detectives at 775-334-2188 or remain anonymous by calling Secret Witness at 775-322-4900.

For the full story that Chris Murray wrote for the RGJ click here.

Good luck Brandon, get well soon.