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Bill Hancock To Meet With Justice Department On Tuesday

It took nearly two years for the Department of Justice to acknowledge the BCS by sending it and the NCAA a letter, but now the Department of Justice will be meeting with BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock this Tuesday.

Hancock is voluntarily meeting with the DOJ and here is what he said earlier this month about the upcoming meeting:

"The BCS was carefully created with antitrust laws in mind, and I am confident that it is fully compliant with those laws. It has improved competition by delivering a national championship game between the two top-ranked teams, which only rarely existed before the BCS. It has also dramatically increased access to top-tier bowl games for schools from non-AQ conferences.

"I look forward to a conversation with the attorneys at the Justice Department."

Most likely nothing of significance will come from this meeting, and it may take a few years for the DOJ to make a case or do what they do if they feel there is a legal issue. 

At least it's a start to possibly get something done.

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