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SB Nation NCAA Re-Draft Project

The SB Nation NCAA re-draft project's first round is underway and there is only one real surprise in the first six picks and that is LSU was taking at the six spot and Notre Dame was not taken, but can you blame for no one not taking Notre Dame since they have not had a really good football team in years decades.

Cowboys Ride for Free put this chart together:

Round-Pick Conference Commissioner Selection
1-1 Conference #1 BC Interruption TEXAS
1-2 Conference #2 Black Heart Gold Pants FLORIDA
1-3 Conference #3 Team Speed Kills ALABAMA
1-4 Conference #4 Big East Coast Bias OHIO STATE
1-5 Conference #5 House of Sparky USC
1-6 Conference #6 Red Cup Rebellion LSU
2-7 Conference #6 Red Cup Rebellion MICHIGAN
2-8 Conference #5 House of Sparky NOTRE DAME
2-9 Conference #4 Big East Coast Bias FLORIDA STATE
2-10 Conference #3 Team Speed Kills OKLAHOMA
2-11 Conference #2 Black Heart Gold Pants PENN STATE
2-12 Conference #1 BC Interruption GEORGIA

I am surprised to see Michigan and Penn State go so high. Historically speaking, they fit great and Penn State currently is a better choice then Michigan

So, what do you think of their picks?

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