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Department Of Justice To Have Meeting With BCS This Summer

After two years the Department of Justice has finally started to look into the legality of the BCS. First they started by sending a letter to NCAA President Mark Emmertt about why their is no NCAA sanctioned playoff for the FBS division. Emmertt politely responded and said that the DOJ needs to refer their questions to the BCS. So that is what the DOJ is now doing, as they are going to meet with BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock this summer:

"Late last week staff attorneys at the Department of Justice Antitrust Division (DOJ) contacted me to request a voluntary background briefing on how the BCS operates," Hancock said in the email. "I told them I would be happy to provide it."

Hancock is quite confident that the BCS is fully complying with antitrust laws:

"The BCS was carefully created with antitrust laws in mind, and I am confident that it is fully compliant with those laws. It has improved competition by delivering a national championship game between the two top-ranked teams, which only rarely existed before the BCS. It has also dramatically increased access to top-tier bowl games for schools from non-AQ conferences.

"I look forward to a conversation with the attorneys at the Justice Department."

Either Hancock is smug or he is confident that the BCS is not violating any antitrust laws. Plus it helps that the BCS has one of the best antitrust lawyers on retainer to make sure they are not violating any laws.

Now we just wait to see if anything comes of these meetings between the DOJ and the BCS.

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