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Fox Sports Net To Broadcast Colorado State - Colorado Game

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Colorado State has picked up another nationally televised football game. The Pac-12 announced another set of games and the game against Colorado will be picked up by FSN. In the Colorado area FSN is no longer being broadcasted, but Root Sports which still broadcasts FSN content will pick up the game in the Colorado area. The kick-off time has also been announced and it will be an early one at 11:30 a.m. MT, too bad it is not a night or an afternoon kick to allow fans to tailgate and have some fun before the game kicks off.


To date, the Rams have 10 of their 12 football games to broadcast on television. The last game that is unknown is a matchup against Utah State on Sept. 24. If that games is put on television it will be on one of the ESPN channels and it could be moved to Friday night which has been the norm for WAC games. 

Currently on Friday Sept. 23 ESPN is broadcasting a Central Florida at BYU matchup, so if the game is moved to Friday it would be on ESPN2.

The other game is a matchup at UTEP on Oct. 22 and that game could be on an ESPN channel, Fox Sports or CBS Sports.

Here is the Rams complete schedule:


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