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VIDEO: New Mexico's Deshon Marman Discussion About Sagging Pants With Flight Crew

New Mexico safety Deshon Marman was removed from an airplane late last week over his saggy pants. Now there is video of the discussion Marman had in his seat with flight crew about his pants. This is just prior to him being removed from the flight.

People have cameras everywhere these days and this video comes from the San Francisco Chronicle via Larry Brown Sports:

To me this seems a bit much to be removed off of a plane and Marman may have said it best, "this is all unnecessary sir." However there is more to the story and here is more from the associated press:

What the video does not show is Marman's repeated refusal earlier to follow a boarding agent's advice and pull up his pants, Elise Eberwein, a spokeswoman for US Airways, told The Associated Press on Saturday.
Marman's pants were so low they were "exposing areas that most people would not want to see" and violating the airline's expectation that customers won't dress offensively, Eberwein said.

Yes, Marman should have had his pants pulled up to a decent level, but he is on a plane and once he sits down it is a non-issue. 

Police also said that Marman injured an officer while he was being taken into custody and there is a possibility that San Mateo County prosecutors may press charges, but that has not been decided yet.

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