Nevada Wide Reciever Brandon Wimberly Shot in Downtown Reno


It's being reported that him and four other Wolf Pack players (two were working as bouncers at the venue that night) were downtown when an altercation broke out between Wimberly and an unknown group which included the shooter. As the assailants were driving away they shot Brandon in the abdominal region. Per the above link: "The injuries are very serious." Reno Police Lt. Keith Brown said. "They’re not life threatening, but they’re probably life changing." UPDATE: Tweeted from RGJ's Chris Murray: Given the extent of the injuries, Wimberly is not expected to be able to play football again. Had damage to intestines, colon. UPDATE: Chris Murray spoke with Coach Ault about the incident. UPDATE: One more link-worthy tidbit provided by Murray. This was a story about Wimberly as a freshman in high school that was featured in the Nevada school newspaper The Nevada Sagebrush: - - - When Brandon Wimberly was 14, he walked onto a city bus with a friend. He saw a homeless man sitting on the bus. The man had no shirt or shoes on. When Wimberly, who was then a freshman in high school, got home after the bus ride, he showed up without the pair of Jordan shoes and throwback jersey he left with. He had some explaining to do to his mother, Wanda Aaron. "He came home one day and said, ‘Momma, don’t kill me,’" Aaron recalled. "‘There was a man on the bus — a homeless man. So I told my friend, ‘If that man wears the same size shirt as me, I’m going to give it to him.’ So he tapped him on the shoulder, asked him what size shirt he wore and it was the same size. So Brandon gave him his throwback jersey. "After that, he sat back down with his friend and told him, ‘If he wears the same size shoe as me, I’m going to give him my shoes.’ Sure enough, the man was a size nine. Brandon gave him his brand-new pair of Jordans. When he came home without shoes or a shirt, he told me, ‘Momma, that man had nothing. I have plenty of school clothes. And you can’t get mad at me … you raised me this way." - - - Link to the original story. Wimberly apparently was a very upbeat and positive guy on the team. As I mentioned in the comments, he is one of the most liked players on the team and this perhaps shows why.