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MWC Bad Logo Smackdown - 2nd Round / 1 seed vs. 6 seed

Moving along with the second round, today's match-up is between the 1 seed and the 6 seed.

Here's the updated bracket:


This is the 2nd and final game of the second round. The voting for the 1st game of the second round is still available to be voted on if you missed it, and can be found here. Both second round match-ups will be open until Sunday at 11:30 AM PST.

Remember: this is a competition for the WORST logo, so vote for the one which you think is the worst of the two.

Candidates after the jump.

1 seed - "Eye-Chart"



Landslide winner in the first round, with a 31-6 victory. If someone gave me $20 I could probably come up with something better than or at least close to this, let alone $250,000.

Probably stolen from:



Or maybe this (h/t Broncoman27)

6 seed - "OOC"



Our first upset winner, defeating the 3rd seed with a 46-19 win. Maybe we're taking this logo 'out of context' and are being a little 'out of control' in judging how bad it is. 'Out of curiosity' I'm wondering if the MWC is thinking "Get 'off our chests' about this whole logo business!"

Probably stolen from:



(h/t daedalus17)

Who is your choice for the winner of the 1 seed vs. 6 seed?

NOTE: In this competition we are voting for the WORST logo, so vote for which one would have been a worse choice than the other

(voters are encouraged to post their own look-a-likes in the comments)