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MWC Bad Logo Smackdown - 2nd Round / 2 seed vs. 4 seed

1st round is in the books! Here is the updated bracket:


We'll start off with the 2 vs. 4 match-up.

The second round will consist of two games. Like the first round, the voting for both games will stay open for the entire 2nd round.

Remember: this is a competition for the WORST logo, so vote for the one which you think is the worst of the two.

Candidates after the jump.

2 seed - "Superhero"



An easy winner in the 1st round, tallying a 36-14 vote against the 7 seed. Still looks like a superhero mask. Still not sure what the heck they were going for here.

Probably stolen from:



4 seed - "MJ"



Winner in the closest match in the 1st round, with a 41-31 win. Maybe the W would be easier to see with some color?, still would look pretty bad.

Probably stolen from:



UPDATE: Click here for Micheal's opinion of this logo (h/t TDown)

Who is your choice for the winner of the 2 seed vs. 4 seed?

NOTE: In this competition we are voting for the WORST logo, so vote for which one would have been a worse choice than the other

(voters are encouraged to post their own look-a-likes in the comments)