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Tate Forcier Now Has Eyes Set On Transferring To Hawai'i

The Tate Forcier U.S. tour is still underway and now the latest rumor of his destination could be Hawai'i. Prior rumored destinations have been San Diego State, San Jose State and others. Forcier was at Michigan last year and enrolled in Miami, but never attended classes, so his travels are odd; but wait, things actual are getting more bizarre as Forcier sent a three-page letter to Hawai'i. The contents of the letter are unknown outside of that it included his scholarship release from Michigan.

Hawai'i would offer him the chance to start after he sits out the one-year mandated by transfer students, because Bryant Moniz who is a senior entering the 2011 season would be moving on from the program. Currently on the Hawaii roster there are four quarterbacks who would be vying for the top spot in 2011. If Forcier is anywhere close to his four-star rating out of high school then Hawaii may have another great quarterback to lead their pass-happy attack.

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