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Select Early College Football Game Odds

The Golden Nugget recently released odds on select college football games for the 2011 season. This is parat of the Golden Nugget's 'Games of the Year' which is where the casino releases game odds months in advance, and it gets crazy. Bettors are allowed only three bets at a time for a $1,000 maximum before they have to go back to the end of the long line.

Some of these odds seem out right crazy and way too high on either end. These were released last friday at 3 p.m. est and any changes mentioned in the line were moved only a few hours later.

For fun I will pick who I would take with my fake money.

Boise State (-6) vs. UGA -- Moved to Boise State -1.5

I guess a lot of people were taking Georgia that day to drop the line by that many points in only six hours.

Pick: With the opening line of six I might be more inclined to take Georgia to cover, but at 1.5 I definitely would take Boise State.

TCU (-6.5) at Air Force -- Moved to TCU -1.5

I guess this lowered down since this game is in week two of the season and traditionally when Air Force can catch even good teams off guard. Just look at last year's near win over Oklahoma.

Pick: At 6.5 Air Force would have been my pick but with it at 1.5 TCU is the way to go.

San Diego State at Michigan (-8)

Not sure what to think of this because Michigan is going through a regime change with former San Diego State coach Brady Hoke now in charge. I could see this being closer then the eight points.

Pick: San Diego State

SMU at TCU (-12)

I would think this would be closer since SMU can score points.

Pick: I'll go with SMU.

Air Force at Notre Dame (-10)

If Notre Dame's defense has truly improved then maybe, but experts are thinking this is Air Force's best team in a long time.

Pick: This may sound a homer pick, but I think Air Force will at least cover.

TCU (-6.5) at San Diego State

Last year's game was a shocker since the Aztecs were able to keep it so close.

Pick: I'll go with San Diego State.

San Diego State at Air Force (-3)

An actual point spread that makes me think.

Pick: Air Force

Air Force at Boise State (-20)

REALLY?!?! 20 points, I will be shocked if that is the case.

Pick: Air Force

BYU at TCU (-7) -- Moved to -3.5

People are on the BYU bandwagon and by the end of the year that maybe the case, but TCU still has more talent in 2011.

Pick: TCU

TCU at Boise State (-13.5)

Again! This is crazy high, and looking at the past few games anything about four points would seem high.

Pick: TCU

Boise State (-17.5) at San Diego State

Again, this is way too high because the Aztec offense should be able to go toe-to-toe with the Boise State offense.

Pick: San Diego State

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