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MWC Bad Logo Smackdown -1st Round / 2nd seed vs. 7th seed

The smackdown continues with the 2 vs. 7 matchup.

Voting for all of the 1st round match-ups are still open if you missed them, and all first round games can be voted on for the entire 1st round. Click here to vote on the other 1st round match-ups:

4th seed vs. 5th seed

3rd seed vs. 6th seed

Remember: this is a competition for the WORST logo, so vote for the one which you think is the worst of the two.

Candidates after the jump.

2nd Seed - "Superhero"



I have no idea what the artist was going for here placing the M and the W in a V shape. This thing is cartooney looking. The other white spaces on the square look like eyes, making the whole look like a superhero mask. So maybe the MW is the superhero's logo? Mountain West Man! Saving us from the Legion of Supervillians (aka the BCS conferences).

Probably stolen from:



7th seed - "Wrastlin"



Tune in tonight for the much anticipated smackdown between the hated members of the mWc and the new members of the wolf-PAC! Things will get raw and nasty as these two bitter rivals battle it out for the Western Division CFB belt! Order the pay-per-view now!

Probably stolen from:



Who is your choice for the winner of the 2 seed vs. 7 seed?

NOTE: In this competition we are voting for the WORST logo, so vote for which one would have been the worst choice of the two

(voters are encouraged to post their own look-a-likes in the comments)