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MWC Bad Logo Smackdown - 1st Round / 3 seed vs. 6 seed

We're back today with the match-up between the 3 and 6 seeds. Like the 5 vs 12 match-up in the NCAA basketball tournament, this one is a potential upset match-up with two strong candidates.

Voting for yesterday's match-up is still open if you missed it, and all first round games can be voted on for the entire 1st round. Click here to vote on the other 1st round match-ups:

4th seed vs. 5th seed

Remember: this is a competition for the WORST logo, so vote for the one which you think is the worst of the two.

Candidates after the jump.

3rd Seed - "Pac-Man"



Pac-Man ghosts! Easily the strangest idea they had for the M and the W. Not much more to say really, this one speaks for itself.

Probably stolen from:



6th seed - "OOC"



Are we trying to help the MWC promote their out of conference scheduling? Are they trying to get teams to schedule more MWC teams as out of conference games? They ran amok with the circles you could make with the M mirrored with the W and the C. Worst part about this is that the C looks disjointed also, so it doesn't even fit right unless you connect the M and W, which would just make it even more OOC looking.

Probably stolen from:



Who is your choice for the winner of the 3 seed vs. 6 seed?

NOTE: In this competition we are voting for the WORST logo, so vote for which one would have been the worst choice of the two

(voters are encouraged to post their own look-a-likes in the comments)