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MWC Bad Logo Smackdown - 1st Round / 4 seed vs. 5 seed

Now that we're done with the play-in game ("Pretty Birds" is your winner and 8th seed!) let's get the 1st round started. We'll begin with the 4 seed vs. the 5 seed.

First let me quickly rehash how I'll be conducting the rest of the competition. The four 1st round games will be released each day for the next four days. The voting will not close for each game until two days after the last 1st round game is posted, so if you miss a couple days you can go back and place your vote (I'll post links to each game in each post). Remember: this is a competition for the WORST logo, so vote for the one you think would've been a worse choice for the MWC to have made its logo.

Candidates after the jump.

4th seed - "MJ"



Mountain Jest? Mountain Joust? An abbreviation of "major" maybe? Like we want to be a major conference? This logo made it simply based on it being hard to find the W. Logos should never be too difficult to understand, though it seems like our society is moving further away from this in order to look more "fancy" and "new-age".

Probably stolen from:



5 seed - "Starry Nights"



Oh hey! We can make the M and the W into a star! Check it out! While clever, I don't see how this connects to the conference or sports in general. It's not the Star West or anything like that.

Probably stolen from:



Who is your choice for the winner of the 4 seed vs. 5 seed?

NOTE: In this competition we are voting for the WORST logo, so vote for which one would have been a worse choice than the other

(voters are encouraged to post their own look-a-likes in the comments)