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Idaho Head Coach Robert Akey Needs To Learn Math If He Wants A "Mountain WAC"

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Outside of taking the Idaho Vandals to a bowl game and having a sweet mustache, Robert Akey provides little value to the college football world -- actually he is pretty open and talks so that makes him an intriguing coach. Akey is one of the few coaches who speak his mind and he does it again regarding WAC expansion. The league is set to meet in Park City, Utah on June 14 and Akey told the Idaho Press-Tribune about his feelings regarding expansion (emphasis added):

"I would like to see some strong football schools come into it. It needs to happen. We need to strengthen our conference, and we need to do it with football schools, because we're obviously losing a couple more at the end of this season. I wish they would let me have an opinion about this. Football coaches, we don't get to do this. ... What I think would be awesome would be if the survivors of the WAC Conference and the Mountain West would come together, I think that would be a 14-team deal in between the Mountain WAC, or whatever you would call those deals, you would have the best football on this side of the country."

14 teams you say coach? I think you are missing out on a few teams. Also, saying it would be the best football in the Western Unites States is a big stretch. I would have to disagree and say the Pac-12 would still be a better league.

Actually if you add all the teams between the two leagues it forms a 17-team league and not the 14-team league you are suggesting:

If you drop Boise State, Nevada, Fresno State and Hawaii, who are all going to the Mountain West either this year or next, the WAC is left with five schools -- Idaho, Utah State, Louisiana Tech, San Jose State and New Mexico State. Add those five to the 10 football schools in the MWC -- after the WAC schools move over there -- and it would be 15 football schools. But wait, the WAC actually added Texas-San Antonio and Texas State as football members, so that would be 17. The WAC's only non-football school is Denver.

The WAC already tried and failed at a 16-team league which failed due to having teams stretching from Houston to Hawaii. So, what three teams will be dropped, coach to make it a more manageable 14-team "Mountain WAC"

This mention about combining league does nothing for the Mountain West since they already plucked the best options from the WAC.

At least we know Akey's opinion on this matter

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