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Boise State Reports Football Violations

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Everyone does it. They bend the rules or even break the rules in one way or another and everyone from the smallest leagues to the big time schools in the BCS ranks. There are 22 alleged NCAA violations spanning across five sports: Football, men's and women's tennis and men's and women's track and field. The violations are extremely minor, but the women's tennis team is a repeat offender and that means the four-word phrase no school wants to hear is 'lack of institutional control.'

It most likely will not bleed over into football, but that phrase is never good to hear, because any future violations -- even minor -- can be multiplied because of the tennis team was allowing non-students to compete.

The alleged football violations involve impermissible items such as transportation, housing and meals provided to recruits visiting on unofficial recruiting trips where the university is strictly prohibited from paying for or "arranging" anything:

The NCAA alleged that, during the summers of 2005 through 2009, the assistant football coaches and staff members arranged summer housing and transportation in Boise with other student-athletes, sometimes for free or at a reduced cost, for 63 prospective student-athletes so they could participate in otherwise valid summer workouts. In each case, the prospective student-athletes were provided housing by existing student-athletes and slept in spare rooms, on couches or sometimes on the floor. The total dollar value, as determined by the NCAA, for all of the housing, transportation and meals provided to the 63 prospective student-athletes over five years was $4,934.

Boise State got busted having recruits to crash on current Bronco players couches on unofficial visits, so yes these are very minor violations. The total cost per player average is $78.32 per person during that period, not much but nothing seems to be at a minimum when the NCAA is involved. The $4,934 has been repaid by these kids, and the Boise State staff has hired more to their compliance office to make sure these things do not happen in the future.

These sanctions are not a big deal at all and I do not see what advantages sleeping on an uncomfortable couch provides to the Broncos, but it is another step in the right direction for Boise State in becoming a big-time program. (I keeeeed!)

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