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2011 NBA Mock Drafts Are In Full Swing

Last night, the NBA Draft lottery went down with the top three picks being the Clippers, Timberwolves and the Jazz. That means with the NBA Draft order set all the mock drafts are up and running. The two players expected to be drafted in the first round are BYU's Jimmer Fredette and San Diego State's Kwahi Leonard. 

So here are a bunch of first edition 2011 NBA Mock Drafts.

SB Nation's Tom Ziller:

7. Sacramento Kings: Kawhi Leonard, SF, San Diego State

The Kings desperately need help at small forward, where none of Francisco Garcia, Donte Greene or Omri Casspi stood out (for good reasons) in 2010-11. Leonard is a big SF, and less of a shooter than the Kings would like, but the team is being rebuilt with an eye on energy and toughness. He fits that.

12. Utah Jazz: Jimmer Fredette, SG, BYU

You can pry my Jazz-taking-Jimmer prediction from my cold, dead hands.

Sam Amick, Sports Illustrated:

9. Charlotte Bobcats: Kawhi Leonard, SF, San Diego State

The Bobcats are desperate for rebounding and scoring, and Leonard offers both in the same spot that Gerald Wallace just so happened to leave vacant when he was dealt to Portland in February. Coach Paul Silas wants to run, and Leonard can do that, too.

22. Golden State Warriors: Jimmer Fredette, SG, BYU

The Nuggets will be down a shooter if J.R. Smith leaves as a free agent this summer, and what better way to fill that gap than with BYU's beloved gunner from the state next door? George Karl would be just the sort of veteran play-caller Fredette needs to help him find his niche in the NBA.

Sean Deveney, Sporting News:

6. Washington Wizards: Kawhi Leonard, SF, San Diego State

The Wizards need a good athlete on the wing, and in a thin draft, Leonard will be the best available at this spot.

9 Charlotte Bobcats: Jimmer Fredette, SG, BYU

The Bobcats need shooting help, and no one in this draft does it better than Fredette.

Ben Golliver, CBS Sports:

6. Washington Wizards: Kawhi Leonard, SF, San Diego State

The Wizards need help at positions 2-4 and Leonard's energy and athleticism will fill the gaping lineup hole between franchise point guard John Wall and developing big man JaVale McGee.

20. Minnesota Timberwolves: Jimmer Fredette, SG, BYU

Maybe the most David Kahn pick of all time.

Chad Ford, ESPN ($):

6. Washington Wizards: Kawhi Leonard, SF, San Diego State

Analysis: The Wizards changed their uniforms, and by taking Leonard, they can begin to change their image as a soft, defenseless team. Projecting Leonard this high might be a stretch for some, but looking at who's available and what the Wizards need, he's a really good fit.

13. Phoenix Suns: Jimmer Fredette, SG, BYU

Analysis: I continue to believe Fredette would be a great option for Phoenix. His shooting ability combined with the Suns' free-flowing offense are a very good fit. Fredette's terrible defense raises concerns, but at least he is a fit on a team that has been willing to overlook Steve Nash's weakness in that area for years.

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