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Help Wanted!

Hello all! Here at the Mountain West Connection we are looking for some more writers to fill in some gaps with the coverage and hopefully expand into new areas for the site.

What I am first looking for is to find some people who want to cover New Mexico, Air Force, Wyoming, Hawaii and Fresno State. The latter two are not in the league until 2012, but it would be a good way for the current Mountain West fans to get know these schools before they move into the league. 

Recruiting is a big deal and while the site does do some recruiting but it is a year-round topic and especially during the college football season keeping up on recruiting is even more extremely tough. I am looking for people who have the passion to write about recruiting, football or basketball.

Plus, if there is interest in the olympic/non-revenue sports that would be something different to add to the site.

A few other ideas I am throwing out there to see if there is interest are writing about MWC players in the pros or taking a look at history of the MWC teams. Or if you just have an interest about anything regarding the Mountain West shoot me an email and we can discuss. My email is

Writing can be done as little or as much as one wants, plus even though we do have some writers in place for a lot of the teams do not shy away if you have an interest in Boise State, TCU, San Diego State, Colorado State, Nevada or UNLV. The more the better is a good thing to be able to keep up with all the news.