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Putting The $1 Million Fiesta Bowl Fine Into Perspective

Earlier on Wednesday, the Fiesta Bowl had to pay a $1 million fine for the improprieties that went on during the John Junker tenure. The fine in my opinion is that the fine was a slap on the wrist and is pretty much "walking around money" -- or John Junker strip club money -- and is a laughable punishment.

PlayoffPac puts the fine into perspective:

* The Fiesta Bowl reimbursed former CEO John Junker for $4.85 million worth of expenses, roughly half of which may have been improper;
* The Fiesta Bowl paid former CEO John Junker an annual salary of nearly $700,000 and numerous valuable fringe benefits;
* The Fiesta Bowl charged the University of Connecticut $2.9 million for overpriced game tickets worth only a fraction of the price paid on the open market; and
* The Fiesta Bowl's assets equalled $23.1 million last year, even before the Bowl hosted the lucrative 2011 BCS Championship game.

The fine has to be a joke right?

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