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PHOTO: TCU's Rose Bowl Rings Are Large

TCU's Rose Bowl win over Wisconsin was a once in a lifetime trip for the Horned Frogs, so the school went the extra mile to make the ring a one of a kind piece of jewelry that looks to almost require two fingers to put the thing on. Their rings are very nice and simple in their design and the only thing missing, as many have pointed out, is that there is no sign of the Horned Frog. You would think with the size of that ring they could fit the frog.

Nonetheless, these things are sick. Just hope they don't end up on eBay within a few years, in some Dallas area tattoo parlor for a cash stricken former TCU Horned Frog player.


The side view looks great as well with the Rose Bowl logo to go along with back-to-back Mountain West champs just above.


Photos are via Angry Trey's Blog.

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