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Ohio State Memorbillia Ends Up On History Channel's "Pawn Stars"

Now this is getting ridiculous. The Ohio State players who are suspended for five games for selling or exchanging memorabilia for tattoos have now shown up on the HIstory Channel's popular show, "Pawn Stars."

A man comes in and wants to sell a pair of gold pants with the initials D.W. that apparently belong to Donald Washington or Doug Worthington and then another pair supposedly belong to LeAndre Boone. 

 Credit: History Channel by sportsxbrooks

Worington says he has all of his gold pants and gave them to family members, but he says that he can not believe his family members would sell them. Washington said he has all of his gold pants in his possession.

This story just keeps growing and growing and now with the items being on television just makes this story even more intersting.

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