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Central Arkansas Ups The Ante On The Colored Football Field

The University of Central Arkansas is the latest school to adopt the non-traditional green turf. The school will install a purple-and-gray field in their 8,000 seat stadium. This makes three schools that have chosen to install turf other than green; the others are the well known Boise State's blue turf and the other which was introduced to us last year is defending FCS champion Eastern Washington who have a blood red field.


Over at Dr. Saturday they came up with what should certainly be the next step in football field designs:

• 3-D Field (major home field advantage for the team used to playing on it)
• Ty-Dye Field
• Negative Space Field (white turf marked off in green)
• Urban Mural Field (painted by local Boys and Girls Clubs)
• Jet Black Field of Death

Not a bad list.

One piece of advice to the folds at Central Arkansas, how about releasing details about a purple-and-gray football field on any other day besides April Fool's Day, just a thought.

Putting the Wyoming brown-and-gold on their field would be the worst in my opinion. Those color combination's are bad enough as it is.

What other school's should consider a non-green field?

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