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2011 NFL Draft: Utah's OL Caleb Schlauderaff Picked 179th To Green Bay Packers

Some that Utah's Caleb Schlauderaff would have gone earlier in the draft, because his career was solid. The scouts say his athleticism needs to be worked on, and that seems odd to me since the Utes were a spread team that requires athleticism on the line in run and pass protection.

He does need to put on a little more weight and get to maybe 320-330 range so that he can take on the much larter defensive players he will see in the NFL compared to the Mountain West.

Here is what says about Schlauderaff:


Schlauderaff is a heady player that recognizes defensive tendencies and adjusts accordingly. Uses hands to get inside defenders and is strong enough to thwart the bull rush and generate a good push in the running game. Plays mean and looks to punish opponents on every play.


Lacks the athleticism needed to block bigger faster players at the next level. Slow first step prevents him from consistently getting into position and limits his ability to pull and trap. Does not show the ability to deliver a violent punch to knock defenders on their heels. Needs to add more bulk.    


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