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2011 NFL Draft: TCU Offensive Tackle Marcus Cannon Tests Positive For Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

NFL league sources are reporting that TCU offensive lineman Marcus Cannon has tested positive for a treatable form of lymphoma after testing. Last month it was thought that Cannon had testicular cancer, but that is not the case.

His timetable of recovery could take up to six months:

Doctors are recommending that Cannon will have to undergo chemotherapy, which could be potentially finished in 12 weeks. Even if Cannon has the most advanced stage of the disease, he could be finished with treatments in 24 weeks and the doctors have informed Cannon he could "hopefully" continue with his football career at that time.

Now this is not good news and hopefully Cannon can beat this and get a chance to pursue an opportunity in the NFL.



ESPN's Adam Schefter adds a bit more about Cannon:

TCU's Marcus Cannon has non-Hodgkin lymphoma and is between Stage 2-3; receives his first chemotherapy Wednesday. 90 percent success rate.less than a minute ago via ÜberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply


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