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2011 NFL Draft Projections: TCU Horned Frogs

TCU has other players who will be drafted in the upcoming 2011 NFL Draft outside of Andy Dalton. Up next is TCU Horned Frog wide receiver and return man Jermey Kerley. 

Here is a highlight video of Kerley:

Here is the scouting report about Jermey Kerley from Mocking The Draft:

Kerley is a player that brings playmaking ability to many different areas of the game. He has had success as both a punt and kick returner. His speed and lateral quickness make him very dangerous in space with the ability to eat up a ton of yardage. He needs to work on his route running and developing a feel for the defense. However, Kerley will go later than a player like Randall Cobb but could end up with a similar career.

Here is where the experts rank Kerley:

Mocking The Draft — 168th overall and 21st rated wide receiver.

Yahoo Sports — 129th overall and 19th rated wide receiver. Scouting report.

CBS Sports — 162nd overall and 18th rate wide receiver. Scouting report.

National Football Post— They are down on Kerley as they have him rated as the 232nd overall prospect 26th rated wide receiver. Here is their scouting report as well for Kerley.

ESPN: 134th overal and 18 rated wide receiver.

Draft Countdown: Not rated in the top 100, but is the 19th rated wide receiver. Scouting Report.

The consensus scouting report on Kerley is that he is fast and a play maker, but he is undersized. His return skills will make him more valuable with his versatility.

Expect Kerley to go between the third and fifth rounds.  The seven round mock draft the Sporting News did has Kerley going to the 49ers in the fourth round.

The next TCU draft prospect is offensive tackle Marcus Cannon. Cannon is the second rated TCU player and could be a better fit at guard in the NFL.

Here is the scouting report from Mocking the Draft:

Final word: As I mentioned earlier, Cannon looks to be a better fit at guard than tackle. His quickness and brute strength allow him to effectively pass protect and open running lanes. He could use some work on his overall technique especially hand usage and leverage. Cannon is likely to come off the board in the 2nd round and has the potential to develop into a very good pro.

Now onto to who has him ranked where with more scouting report information. Cannon's rankings vary wildly across the board in terms of overall ranking:

Mocking the Draft: 89th overall and seventh rated offensive tackle.

Yahoo Sports: 53rd overall and eighth rated tackle. Scouting Report.

CBS Sports: 47th overall and sixth rated tackle. Scouting Report.

National Football Post: 98th overall and ninth rated tackle. Scouting Report.

ESPN: 44th overall and sixth rated tackle. Scouting Report.

Draftcountdown: 46th overall and third at the guard spotScouting Report.

Cannon is a versatile player which will help his draft stock, but he seems to be third-round pick. The Sporting News mock draft has Cannon going to the Cleveland Browns with the sixth pick in round three.

The next potential Horned Frog draft pick is free safety Tejay Johnson:

Mocking the Draft: 183rd overall and sixth rated free safety.

Yahoo Sports: 403rd overall and 13th rated free safety. Scouting report.

National Football Post: 212th overall and 19th rated free safety. Scouting report.

ESPN: 27th rated free safety. Scouting report.

Johnson, if picked will most likely be six or seven round selection.

UPDATE: thanks to out TCU contributor Ben Findley, but I missed a story on how the All-American Johnson is passing up the NFL for a career being an interpreter for the deaf.

Jake Kirtpatrick did win the 2010 Remington Award for the best center, but he will be on the fringe of being drafted.

Mocking the Draft: Seventh rated center.

Yahoo Sports: Fifth rated center. Scouting report.

National Football Post: 212th overall and 19th rated free safety. Scouting report.

ESPN: They rate hims as a guard for some reason and rate him as the 30th guard.

Here are the rest of TCU players who have entered the draft, but the odds of them being drafted are slim. All scouring reports are from ESPN.

Evan Frosch TE
Wayne Daniels DE, scouting report.
Arvell Nelson QB   
Alex Ibiloye S   
Jimmy Young WR, scouting report
Jason Teague CB 
Rolando Melancon DT
Curtis Thomas S

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