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The Rebranding Of Mountain West Television Channels Could Help Spread Distribution

The Mountain West television deal could be improving in the near future with the re-branding of CBS College Sports to CBS Sports and Versus will be renamed with NBC somewhere in the title. As Idaho Statesman columnist Brian Murpy points out this is a big deal.

So Mountain West's TV partners will be: CBS Sports Network, NBC Sports Channel and the Mtn. Sounds better than CBS College Sports and Versusless than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

This will not increase the money of the deal nor will it help people find the name of the channel, but saying games are on CBS Sports and NBC Sports Network (my suggested name) will bring more credibility to those channels.

Besides the rebranding being a big upgrade, this allows the channels to show other sports. For example, CBS College Sports becoming CBS Sports is no longer limited to showing college sports. They could show golf coverage, motor sports which CBS regularly airs, more studio shows about pro sports and who knows even rebroadcasts of NFL games that were on CBS. I would assume something similar would be done when Versus gets its new name.

That would be the smart move to do for CBS to increase the access to CBS Sports and in return it would allow more people across the country to pay less to watch Mountain West sports.

The next step obviously would be for Mountain West games to get on over-the-air CBS and NBC. That might be a long shot but it should be something considered now as well as when the current television deal is up. The BYU vs. San Diego State basketball game earlier this year was moved to over-the-air CBS so there is precedent there.

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