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The Boise State Broncos Conclude Spring Ball

The Boise State football team concluded yesterday with the annual Blue and Orange game at Bronco stadium.  You can find a recap of Saturday's action over at  Watching the game was a fired up Boise State fan base and this years scrimmage had a school record 14,445 butts in the stands.  As expected Geraldo Hiwat was the WR replacing Titus Young and he showed he deserved that spot with some great catches. If you had to pick the most lackluster performance at quarterback between Kellen Moore, Joe Southwick, or Grant Hedrick you would have to flip a coin.  Neither of the three were very impressive.  But RB Doug Martin was.  He looked to be his same old scrambling self and finished the day with some nice runs.  Over on the defense it was a different story.  The defensive squad as a whole was the shining star of the game. They won this baby 21-13.  They might have paid a price for it, however, when senior defensive tackle Billy Winnwas injured at the end of the game.

Next up for the players: fall camp in August as new members of the Mountain West Conference.