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Q&A with TCU Athletic Director Chris Del Conte

I don't know how to put this, but TCU AD Chris Del Conte is kind of a big deal.  (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
I don't know how to put this, but TCU AD Chris Del Conte is kind of a big deal. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
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TCU Athletic Director Chris Del Conte took some time out of his busy schedule to chop it up with the TCU faithful and answer some tough and not so tough questions including: TCU-Baylor to Thursday, future OOC opponents, stadium capacity, and the best BBQ in Fort Worth.  I think it's pretty damn impressive that TCU has an AD that is this accessible to fans, couple that with the amazing things he has accomplished this year such as raising $130 million for the stadium and the Big East invite and you are looking at AD of the year in my humble opinion.  Chat transcript is below or you can read it at

TCU Moderator:Welcome to today's online chat with TCU director of intercollegiate athletics Chris Del Conte. We'll begin shortly.

Rusty Fort Worth: How many club seats have you sold?
Chris Del Conte: We've sold 1,853 as of today with a month to go. We feel we'll sell out our allotment of 2,300 by the deadline of May 15.

John (Aledo): Are you still planning on building an Olympic building?
Chris Del Conte: When I got here, I looked at all the things we needed from a facility standpoint. Danny Morrison and our team had put together a great facility plan. We've chosen to focus our energy on the football stadium. We're still exploring the possibility of an Olympic building.

Shane - Keller:What has been the most impressive part of your first year here at TCU?
Chris Del Conte: The genuine warmth of the people of Fort Worth, Texas.

Al LA: If I live out of town, where is the best place to buy merchandise on-line?
Chris Del Conte:Our online store on ( has a great selection.

Loyal Frog Fan (Fort Worth): Did Gary really play the guitar last night in Austin?
Chris Del Conte: Yes indeed. Gary rocked the house at the Broken Spoke!

Greg (Fort Worth):Can you clarify whether or not the south endzone will have two video screens? Because some of the concept art shows one and others show two.

Chris Del Conte: There will be one video screen in the south end zone that will match the previous size of the video board in the north end zone. The new north end zone video board will be three times the size of the previous board.

Mitchell (Ft. Worth): Will our new deal with Nike mean more merchandise is available for fans?

Chris Del Conte: Yes. Our partnership with Nike will not only include new uniforms for all our sports, but will also enhance the apparel selection for our fans.

Jackie - Ames, Iowa: Where will you be during the NFL Draft? Will you watch closely?

Chris Del Conte:I'll more than likely be home with my family, chasing my daughters around the house and watching our baseball team on TV that night at BYU, but I'll be checking my Blackberry on the draft.

S. Garvey (Ft. Worth):Stripes, Caddyshack or Fletch?

Chris Del Conte:Without a doubt, it's Caddyshack followed by Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Art (Boston): Are you doing p90x?

Chris Del Conte:Yes. I decided enough was enough. Like Amon's last stand, it was my last stand against gravity. P90x holds all the cards.

Roger, Granbury TX: What is your favorite Fort Worth restaurant?

Chris Del Conte: Fred's Burgers off Seventh Street.

Denver: Any reason why the frog is not on the football helmets this year?

Chris Del Conte: As I mentioned in my blog, we will still have our traditional helmet with the frog on it. Nike has just provided us with another option to wear, just like the Pro Combat series. As Gary Patterson says, the name of the game is recruiting.

Chris (Pauls Valley, Oklahoma): With the move to the Big East, will you still play non-conference games against Big 12 teams?

Chris Del Conte: Absolutely. The move to the Big East will enhance our national visibility, but we'll always look to play former Southwest Conference rivals.

Jarrod (Dallas):Why won't TCU schedule football games with other schools unless it's a home-and-home deal?

Chris Del Conte:Philosophically, we've invested a significant amount of money into building a new Amon G. Carter Stadium. Because of that investment, our fans deserve to have the very best teams play in Fort Worth, Texas.

Ben (Denver):What is the capacity of ACS going to be once all rennovations are complete?

Chris Del Conte: The capacity will be around 43,000.

Tobias F. (Hurst):Who keeps up with all of TCU's facilities? They always look great!

Chris Del Conte:TCU's Physical Plant is by far the very best I've ever seen on a college campus. They do the best job in the world.

Ted (Fort Worth):Hearing some rumblings that the Baylor game might be moved to Thursday to be broadcast on ESPN and be the first cfb game of the year. Any truth to these rumors?

Chris Del Conte: I'm hearing the same rumblings.

Steve (Houston):Are OU (2012) and LSU (2014) still scheduled to visit ACS? Both of their websites to don't list the games. If the games are still on will the for sure be at ACS or is there a chance one or both gets moved to Cowboys Stadium?

Chris Del Conte: Both games are on for sure, and there's no chance they'll be moved to Cowboys Stadium.

Gob (England): I am overseas for work and have a hard time keeping up with the Frogs, but I try my best. Can we expect to have more chats like this in the future?

Chris Del Conte: Sure. This is a novel concept Mark Cohen, our media relations director, came up with. As long as you guys aren't tired of it, we'll keep doing it.

JT (Iowa City): Will you participate in the Big East/Big Ten (Baseball) Challenge in 2013 & beyond? Is there any chance of participating early in 2012?

Chris Del Conte: When we become an official Big East member in 2012, we'll participate in all endeavors the Big East enjoys.

Jeff (Enid, Okla.): What type of projects are in the works with the men's and women's basketball teams move to the Big East?

Chris Del Conte: We're going to have to address the Daniel-Meyer Coliseum as a facility. We're looking at what options we might have there.

Michael (Houston): Where does the baseball team stand for being able to host a regional?

Chris Del Conte: Hosting a regional is still within sight. We just have to continue to take care of business on the field. There's a lot of baseball still to be played.

David (Aledo):Your favorite BBQ in Fort Worth? No cop outs or political fence sitting, name a clear cut fav! :)

Chris Del Conte:It's a toss up between Bailey's downtown and the Railhead in Aledo.

Randy - Brownwood, Texas: If you could schedule one game for Coach Patterson, who would you like to see come to Fort Worth?

Chris Del Conte: Notre Dame.

Austin (Lubbock): Are there any artist's renderings for what the stadium will look like in 2012 with the east side completed?

Chris Del Conte:Yes. Please check

George (MANHATTAN, Kansas): How do you feel about the state of the men's basketball program heading into the Big East?

Chris Del Conte: We need to obviously get better. The ninth-place Big East team won the national championship. Like a good Horned Frog, we're not afraid of any fight and we have to get ready.

Ed (Wichita Falls):Will TCU's move to Big East have any adverse effects on Olympic Sports?

Chris Del Conte: Not at all. The TV exposure will enhance our national recruiting efforts.

Frank (Ft. Worth): Any chance the stadium could expand over 43,000 if need be?

Chris Del Conte: Sure. The stadium will be built with the ability to go to 50,000 at a moment's notice.

Josh (Fort Worth):Are you going to rename Amon G. Carter stadium?

Chris Del Conte:No. We will always have the Amon G. Carter Stadium name.

Cody (Fort Worth):Can you tell us a little about the new workout facility being built behind DMC?

Chris Del Conte: The new strength and conditioning center will be about 18.000 square feet. Our current facility of 9,000 square feet has become obsolete with the growth of our sports programs.

Bert Lake Forest, Ca.:you high jumped in College?? what was your hightest jump?

Chris Del Conte: Please disregard my college roommate. He still hasn't paid a light bill.

Toby Cotton (Ft. Worth):I grew up a lifelong OU fan and am considering turning into a Frog. Give me your best reason as to why I should.

Chris Del Conte: Rose Bowl Champions!

Jerry Harben (San Antonio): Notes on a Scorecard says we must be football season ticket holders in 2011 to buy season tickets in 2012. I understand priority points, but to limit ticket sales doesn't seem to make sense. Anyone who has the money should be able to buy a ticket.

Chris Del Conte: You're correct. I was asleep at the wheel and did a poor job of writing that. Season-ticket holders in 2011 will have top priority in 2012.

TCU Moderator:That concludes today's online chat with TCU director of intercollegiate athletics Chris Del Conte. We'll look forward to talking to you again next month.