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Boise State Basketball Loses Assistant Coach

Boise State men's basketball coach Leon Rice is finding his job got a little harder this week.  In addition to losing 7 seniors that included nearly the entire starting lineup, the former Gonzaga coach just lost an assistant coach and several more players.  Assistant coach Shaun Vandiver has left the program to become the new head coach for the Emporia State Hornets, a Division II team.

"It’s all about the fit," Rice said, "and this was a good fit that Shaun couldn’t turn his back on.” 

Still, the loss is tough for Rice whose team finished 22-13 this year.  He must now contend with finding another good assistant at a time when he is still trying to find the players to fill in the holes left by the departing seniors.  

And two veteran players have announced they are also leaving.  G.A. Hill, a 5'9" sophmore who had limited play in seven games last season but did not score, is leaving the program and plans to transfer to a school where he’ll have a chance to see more action.  And sophmore Sam Hicks, 6'9" 248 lbs, is also leaving the program.  Hicks was another who had limited play in seven games, producing an average of 1.3 points.   

The good news is that with Hicks gone, Rice will have two scholarships to fill.  And those could go to several players who have commited and who could prove key to the hoops team.  One is Kenny Buckner, a 6'9" 245 lb forward out of the College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls.  Buckner's CSI team won the NJCAA National Championship this year and he was responsible for 12 points and 9 rebounds.

The other scholarship could go to recruit Igor Hadziomeric, a 6'4" Aussie who plays guard for the Australian Institute of Sport. 

No time table has been given on when he will fill either the vacated coaching postion or award the two scholarships.