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AUDIO: BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock Talks About Fiesta Bowl

With all what the Fiesta Bowl is going through, BCS executive director Bill Hancock joined the Fan 1060 AM in Phoenix to talk about everything. It is a good listen and you can listen to the interview at the end of this. People like myself were wondering if the out fall of the Fiesta Bowl could possibly lead to a playoff, but that is not the case. Here is a question regarding this where the answer is what you would expect:

On this situation adding fuel to the fire for those who want a playoff:

"People who are critics and critics of the system that want a playoff want to take away the opportunities for the student-athletes to have a bowl experience and that's unfortunate. Anything that adds to the folks who want to take away from the athletes is unfortunate. It's a sad thing and we're going to continue to ... work for what's best for the athletes."

Oh please, the bowl system is broke and the Sugar and Orange bowls are the next to fall if there is an investigation into their spending habits.

Now, here is the full interview:



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