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Mountain West Spring Football Games Should Be On Television

Spring football is in full swing within the Mountain West schools and it has always amazed me -- maybe it really shouldn't due to the lack of progressive thinking from the league's leadership -- that with the league having their own television network that no spring games are televised. ESPN shows spring games as does the Big 10 Network, and with limited live sporting events why not show a live event that could be re-run and still get decent numbers.

This year in particular would be a good reason to air spring games with Boise State joining the league. It would give fans who can not attend the open spring practices or games a chance to see their team at least once before September. Heck, the games can even be in standard definition if cost is an issue, or even go the TCU route where they produce baseball games so that they can air on the Mtn.

April through August is a dead time for college sports and the only sports that the Mtn. televises are some baseball and softball games, but those only last through May. Adding a two- or three-hour spring football game with seven teams (Air Force does not have a spring game) would be well viewed by an audience and provide some much needed live program. Plus, these spring games would replay well during the summer.

CBS College Sports is going to air the Navy spring game, so if Navy can get their game on television why can't the Mountain West do the same with the Mtn. network. Again the Mountain West misses another opportunity to use the Mtn. network to their full potential. It probably comes down to spending money on sending crews out to the stadium which is unfortunate.

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