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TCU's 2011 final schedule starting to materialize, and it ain't pretty

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After much speculation on who would fill the holes in TCU's schedule after Texas Tech dropped TCU for the second straight season, and the MWC oh so kindly decided to send the Frogs to Boise it looks like the schedule is ready.  I was anxiously awaiting to see what TCU would do as I heard rumors of talks with Cal and UNC, and we declined a game at Wisconsin so we must have something up our sleeve right?  WRONG.   I've gotta say it isn't pretty, it's "not safe for work," and if you have any children in your vicinity shield their eyes because this schedule is downright offensive.  I can't believe we couldn't do better than this and I am thinking about drinking some "HiberNol" so I won't have to wake up until just before the 2012 home opener against the Oklahoma Sooners.  Oh and thanks (I guess) to the FWST's Stefan Stevenson for scooping this, the oppressively awful schedule is after the jump.

DISCLAIMER:This is not an official TCU football schedule.

Sept. 3 at Baylor
Sept. 10 bye
Sept. 17 Louisiana-Monroe
Sept. 24 Portland State
Oct. 1 SMU
Oct. 8 Colorado State
Oct. 15 at Air Force
Oct. 22 UNLV
Oct. 28 BYU (at Cowboys Stadium)
Nov. 5 bye
Nov. 12 at San Diego State
Nov. 19 at Wyoming
Nov. 26 New Mexico
Dec. 3 at Boise State

-- Stefan Stevenson

In other news, I just threw up in my mouth.