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University Of Hawaii Plans To Start Their Own Television Network

In future Mountain West member news, the University of Hawaii will be following in the steps of Texas and will create an all-Hawaii channel:

Oceanic Time Warner Cable is moving toward the creation of all-University of Hawaii channel on its statewide system, people involved said. "The decision has been made that Oceanic will be launching a channel dedicated to all things University of Hawaii," said Norman Santos, Oceanic vice president for operations, in an e-mail. No date was given for the debut, but signs point to the possibility of it being operational as soon as this fall. While UH athletic events would be a mainstay of the new channel, sports features and classics having been discussed and an academic component would be included. There may also be student involvement

If it brings in money no one can blame Hawaii for doing this, but there will be no football games or football related content on that channel since Comcast owns all of those rights. There could be a home football game or two in 2011 that are not picked up by ESPN. 

Oceanic Time Warner has always had Hawaii football games on a pay-per-view status with the help of KFVE producing the shows and who has been a partner for 30, but Oceanic may attempt to produce games on their own without KFVE. Setting up their own channel where they can get more viewers and sell more advertising dollars does seem to make sense. Plus, if it is available outside of Hawaii it would help people away from Hawaii to see their kids play.

However, before Hawaii fans get all excited the last line in this article should have one proceed with caution:

While things would likely be little changed in the Big West, both UH and Oceanic say they are awaiting word from the MWC whether pay-per-view will continue.

What is the point of having your own channel and still have customers shelling out more money via pay-per-view for select basketball games. Oh wait, greed!

So, not only will the channel most likely increase one's cable/satellite bill (really only a small amount per month), but they will have to shell out more cash to watch the high profile sports. For one thing the Mountain West will not allow Hawaii to show games on a pay-per-view status, because Comcast controls the right's and having learned from the BYU situation with Comcast it seems highly unlikely that Oceanic Time Warner will be able to continue the pay-per-view option. 

One other thing to keep an eye on for those Time Warner customers is to see how soon the Mtn. will be available in Hawaii since they have been the toughest company to break through in getting the Mtn. on their systems.

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