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The Boise State Perspective of the Mountain West Conference Teams

As we all know by now the MWC will be welcoming a new kid to town next season in the form of the adorable and always polarizing Boise State Broncos.  I liken Boise State's entrance into the MWC to the good-looking, popular, and highly athletic new kid in school who immediately ascends to the top of the totem pole socially without having to actually do anything to earn it. 

His legend precedes him-- women want him, men want to be him.  You can't help but like the guy and willingly bend over backwards to help him out at any chance you get just so you can get (and stay) in his good graces.  For example; voting to give the Broncos a home game in what will likely be the conference's biggest game of the year when it was already promised to TCU, who has done much more for the MWC than Boise ever has.  Which is to say TCU has done more for the MWC than absolutely nothing, which is Boise's current contribution (besides joining). Meanwhile even after all you've done for the guy Boise State is going to be running a muck- sleeping with your girlfriend, stealing your lunch money, etc.  But you (Wyoming, CSU, UNLV, SDSU, etc.) won't care because without him as your "friend" you are basically nothing and you know it.  So you take the abuse because you are happy to be given some notoriety by association and hope that his excellence will somehow by transferred to you by some sort osmosis. 

Anyway as the new kid in school you are plunged into a new scenario and you have to make snap judgements on your new surroundings and the people that inhabit it.  Yesterday I stumbled onto Boise State's SB Nation page and found that our new friends Kevan Lee and Drew Roberts have been doing a "Getting to know the" feature on every MWC team and it instantly made me think of a new kid in school sizing up his contemporaries. 

Each feature is highly entertaining and well researched by the highly talented duo of Kevan Lee & Drew Roberts, and if that wasn't enough the cherry on top is getting to read the comments of their loyal followers, who are definitely an entertaining bunch.  If there was any question as to which fanbase would fill BYU's role in the conference as the most obnoxious, overbearing, overconfident, cultish, and all-around annoying I think that race is the Bronco faithfuls to lose. 

I went through and linked all the OBNUG features on each MWC team below, along with a little snippet of what you can expect from both Kevan & Drew and their minions.  Go give them your clicks if you haven't already and then come back here and discuss their portrayal of your team, fair or foul? 



Getting to know the TCU Horned Frogs- the mortal enemy of the year

Kevan's Take- I think it's safe to say that the TCU boss is the Coach Pete of Mountain West coaches. His teams are disciplined, talented, and successful. He won 10 (yes, 10) coach of the year awards in 2009, including one from the AP. He has won back-to-back conference titles. He gets interest from almost every school with a job opening each offseasonyet remains committed to his job. Yes, he sometimes looks like a garden gnome with Tourette's, but the man can coach.

Minion's Take- (tmunson) I do not like Gary Patterson and have made my views known here very clearly.His berating of his players accompanied by physical brabbing, pushing, hitting etc. are repulsive, made more so because he is built like a radish. I wish one of his players would grab him, twist his head off and pour out his innards like so much chocolate syrup which I’m sure he greedily laps up like a puppy dog every chance he gets. How he could possibly have to pull his pants up is something of an engineering mystery. I suppose he hitches somewhere below his paunch which, as it expands to accomodate his flatulent gaudy physique, exerts downward pressure. I’m sure the fat accumulation in his flaccid thighs have completely squeezed out any apparent manhood, so pulling up may give him a simulation of actually having same. As you can see, his flattery of Boise State following the Rose Bowl have done little to placate my enmity. Ok- I’ll admit he wears a hat well.

(YoYo99) patterson is a fat piece of (fill in the blank). I feel sorry for whatever woman has to go to bed next to that sweaty nerdy pig. tcu is good however and poses the biggest threat to the home winning streak since wsu took us to town in 2001.

Getting to know the Air Force Falcons- the most likable team in the Mountain West

Kevan's Take-  Question: How am I supposed to root against a service academy? How is anyone? Rooting against a service academy is like rooting against America, which is like rooting against freedom, which is like rooting against the best things this world has to offer, which is like rooting against the Broncos. Conundrum! Worse, Air Force is the most likable service academy of them all. They consistently win games and go to bowls and beat BYU every so often and wear lightning bolts on their helmets. Lightning bolts! Are they daring me to start a blog about them?

Minion's Take- (Broncsfan4life) Reason to Hate Air Force.  hard to do, but most of the MWC schools don’t like playing the Falcons for one reason in particular. The blocking schemes used to run the triple option lead to a lot of knee and leg injuries to the opposing defenses. I’m not sayin they intentionally block low, but a lot of complaints from other MWC teams from blown knees.  Something hopefully the broncos will be prepared for and guard against.  Looking forward to seeing them visit the Blue.

Getting to know the New Mexico Lobos- your Mountain West punching bag

Kevan's Take- Not too long ago (2007, to be exact), New Mexico was on a streak of five bowl games in six years and fresh off a 23-0 beatdown of Nevada in the New Mexico Bowl. What happened? Mike Locksley came to town, for one. And for other explanations, you'd have to ask a Lobo blogger of whichthere aren't any. The team is just not good, as witnessed by its two wins in two years, both of which came against bad Mountain West teams. That New Mexico couldn't even get a win in its nonconferenceschedule - a schedule that includes an annual tilt with New Mexico State - says a lot.

Minion's Take- (4EverBleedBlue) Coach Pete and Locksley's awkward conversation- Locksley: You know when you get so ticked off at your assistant you just punch him in his stupid face? Pete: (Backs away slowly with nervous smile)

Getting to know the Colorado State Rams- at least the 4th most popular football team in Colorado

Drew's Take- Like Louisiana Tech, the Rams championship-caliber squads aren't too far back to be forgotten, but recent struggles have made many question if former glory can be attained. Also, like the Bulldogs, the Rams usually have an upset or two up their sleeve, and both teams' fanbases severely jumped the gun in believing their squads were "back" after a winning season and a bowl win.

Minion's Take-  (tmunson) I know if your name is The Rams, you got to go with those horn things on your helmet. Lived in LA 1963-8, when Rams were there.But c’mon; isn’t just a little too ‘obvious" (ref Mickey Rourke’s depiction of Charles Bukowski in "Barfly")?

Getting to know the San Diego State Aztecs - Does San Diego finally have a team as good as their street tacos?


Drew's Take- On a scale of one Mark May (strong distaste) to five Mark Mays (cancerAIDS), San Diego State is a two. Brady Hoke seemed to have the squad rolling and playmakers Vincent Brown, Ronnie Hillman, and Ryan Lindley were fun to watch in 2010. Hillman and Lindley return, but Hoke is off to greener-not-warmer pastures, and Vincent Brown is a solid draft prospect. It'll take more than one good year for the Aztecs to make any major noise, but they're playing good ball for the time being and new coach Rocky Long seems like a nice enough chap.

Minion's Take- I like tacos. I like warm weather. With as many CA transplants as we have here, seems we ought to be able to fill Qualcomm with a road trip everyone knows on autopilot. Do we have a date yet? Maybe we’ll see 2 feet of snow in our rearviewmirrors. Yes! and of course, a Win to ride home with.

It appears that OBNUG is doing these in alphabetical order with UNLV out today and Wyoming out on Wednesday so be sure to head over to to check those out.  Also I think I am gonna have to do a "Getting to know the Boise State Broncos" article now, so be on the lookout for that in the not so distant future.