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#3 TCU vs. #12 Cal State Fullerton Open Thread: Matt Purke Edition

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(via <a href="">Josh Sandler</a>)
(via Josh Sandler)

Lazy Sunday, wake up in the late afternoon
Turn on the Frogs, to see how Purke's doin'

Editor's Translation: Click on the 1st link if you have no idea what "Lazy Sunday" is, thank me later.  Click on the 2nd link to watch pitching phenom Matt Purke and the #3 TCU Horned Frogs take on the #12 Cal State Fullerton Titans in the rubber-match of a 3 game series, or if you have The Mtn., just turn on your TV.

(via dailyskiff)

DISCLAIMER: There is a chance Purke might not pitch today depending on the progress of the blister on his throwing hand, but he is "scheduled" to pitch.