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Making The Rounds: Former San Diego State Head Coach Chuck Long's House Is In Foreclosure

Periodically checking in on Mountain West news 

Former San Diego State Aztec football head coach Chuck Long's San Diego home is about to foreclosed upon:

Long said in an e-mail that the foreclosure situation was "news to me" and said he's in escrow with a potential buyer.

A real estate agent said a "short sale" was being attempted on the home, a process in which a house is sold for less than what the owner owes on a mortgage. Short sales can help homeowners and lenders avoid foreclosure, which is more damaging to the credit score of the owner and can be a lengthy and expensive process for the lender. However, some lenders may not agree to a short sale if they think foreclosure is better for them financially.

Guess that Long spent that money he earned when he held a 'project' positon the year after he was fired.

BYU's Jimmer Fredette talks about giving San Diego State respect and talks about the atmosphere at Vejas Arena:

The case for and against who should be a number one seed:

San Diego State

The Case For: We should all be supportive of the Aztecs receiving a No. 1 seed. Seeing an underdog become a favorite is a blast, and Steve Fischer's club has more than earned the right to be king of the castle following a regular season that has seen them exceed expectations and be much more than just a trendy team to discuss. Had they not gotten "Jimmered," we would be comparing these guys to the 2004 Saint Joseph's Hawks.

The Case Against: It's pretty obvious. This MWC team is the best non-BCS conference team in the nation, but the Aztecs lone victory against a likely at-large berth tournament team was over Saint Mary's. The body of work just doesn't stack up.

To exclude BYU from this discussion is just irresponsible since BYU is 7-1 against the RPI top 50 while San Diego State is 3-1. Digging deeper and taking a look at the top 100 RPI BYU is 11-2 where as San Diego State is 10-1. BYU should be in the discussion.

Kansas State and UNLV might continue their basketball series. Jimmer Fredette is the media's favorite to tin the player of the year award in college basketball.

Wyoming is honing in on their new basketball head coach and the fan's leading candidate is Billy Gillespie who has coached at UTEP, Texas A&M and Kentucky with success at each stop he made outside of Kentucky. The more logical choice and my pick is Old Dominion's Blaine Taylor who is doing a good job there and has a sick 'stache that would fit right in on Wyoming and here is some proof.


A look at the new Mountain West as the league starts up spring football.

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