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CSU Takes on BYU in Provo

The Rams have two big chances to cement themselves in the NCAA tournament. Neither are good odds, and tonight against BYU in Provo might be the longest shot of the two. The Rams have always struggled with quick guards ala Jimmer.

Jimmer has cooled down a bit, not posting a 30 point game in his last five contests. He has averaged 25.2 points a game over that stretch. If you can call that cooling down, milding down maybe? The Cougars haven't played a close game in three weeks. They had a game going against Utah but ended up winning by 13. Their last win was a blow out down in Fort Worth against TCU. BYU is hitting their stride at the right time, not much to talk about here until March 15th when the NCAA tournament starts up.

The Rams are still in by most tournament guesses even after a UNLV loss at home. The win in Las Vegas is the only thing keeping them even near the bubble at the moment. With a chance to beat BYU or SDSU on the road left the Rams have two marquee chances to get that invite to the NCAA tournament. It would also get them the three seed in the MWC tournament if things play out as they should with UNLV. That four seed in the MWC isn't looking to bad with UNM playing like they do on the road. For the sake of Ram fans blood pressure a win at BYU or SDSU could help out a lot.

The Rams got a no show from Travis Franklin last game. That can't happen if the Rams want this game to be close or even watchable. Pounding the ball down low and shooting better are the only ways the Rams make this game interesting.

CSU was challenging for a NCAA tournament spot against UNLV. They are fighting for that spot the rest of the season now. A slip up guarantees them a NIT or CBI bid.

I feel like I don't do enough polls so here is one on the Rams chances...