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Mark Cuban Is Serious About Making A College Football Playoff Happen

Back in December, Dallas Maverick owner Mark Cuban, floated the idea about creating a college football playoff. Some fans rejoiced and others where skeptical since the college football bowl system and BCS is a very traditional (translation: stubborn, ignorant and greedy) group of people who dislike change. Cuban is an innovator and a very smart man, so it would come to no surprise that he is pushing forward with pursuing a bracket. Just last week a group of students from Oxford won the right to present their idea to Cuban.

Cuban is moving forward as he is looking to privatize a college football playoff and formed Radical Football LLC to begin the process, per the San Diego Union-Tribune:

The billionaire entrepreneur has formed a limited liability company called Radical Football "to impact college football so that the last two teams playing are the best two teams," Cuban said in an e-mail. Radical Football was registered in Texas on Dec. 28 and already has at least one person working for it: Brett Morris, 40, a Los Angeles-based digital media consultant. Morris previously served as president of a national marketing agency focused on sporting goods and has worked in the Notre Dame athletics department as promotions coordinator.

The company has no website yet, and Cuban declined to say how big the staff is. "He's real engaged in this," said Morris, who has a degree in sport management from UMass. Asked why forming an LLC was necessary for the cause, Cuban said in his e-mail, "Because that is what the lawyers told us we should do. I pay, I listen."

This is an interesting way about trying get into the business of a college football playoff. The main reason to form an LLC -- at least in my opinion -- is that since the NCAA is not involved in crowning the FBS champion means that Cuban could create an alternate post season option that teams could decide to join. There will be many obstacles in this and one of the biggest could actually be the NCAA since must approve bowl games. I am not sure if that is excluded to bowl games or post season games, but that is why Cuban has lawyers to figure that stuff out.

His system could be one that competes against the BCS and the bowl system and allow teams to pick if they want to go to a bowl game where they are forced to pay for seats they know they will not sell and be on the hook for high priced hotel rooms that are sponsor said bowl, or follow Cuban's system which should be closer to the Dan Wetzel's 16 team playoff in his book 'Death to the BCS'

That proposal in the book is a 16 team playoff with home teams hosting games. If Cuban goes that route and offers teams more money through hosting games in addition to a payout from television and other media rights, the decision for schools could be tough. Cuban would need enough teams and a few profile teams to make the jump at the opportunity to make more money in a playoff setting. This is all speculation on what Cuban may do, but I feel I am on the right track with that.

Another drawback would be television, Cuban owns HDNET and most likely would want to broadcast games on his television channel that is mostly known for MMA then anything else. Plus, keeping it on his channel would net Cuban and his network a ton of money by being able to sell his own advertisements. ESPN would want a piece on this, but if they still own the rights to the BCS would they be able to broadcast the games, because I doubt the BCS would want them showing these playoff games in a competing matter.

This is just the early stages, and I would rarely bet against Mark Cuban in any business venture, and this is years away and many hurdles to climb to get this thing moving forward. There will be many college football fans from Boise, Fort Worth, Salt Lake City and certain member of Congress hope that the end result does not end up similar to Cuban's attempt to buy a Major League Baseball team.

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