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Stay Classy Wisconsin! Vol. 2

You stay classy Wisconsin! (via <a href="">kshezeppelin</a>)
You stay classy Wisconsin! (via kshezeppelin)

This Saturday after Wisconsin had knocked off the #1 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes the twitter-sphere was all abuzz after Buckeye's freshman center Jared Sullinger tweeted that Badger fans had spit in his face:

"Buckeye Nation if you ever decide to rush the court. Don't ever spit on the opponents. Just a lil tip from me to you."

"To be spit on is just nasty. On top of that in my Face. Before and after the game. Smh (shake my head). I just kept walking."

All I can say about this is that spitting in someone's face is disgusting, classless, lewd, and I told you so when it comes to Badger fans.

In my chronicles of my trip to the Rose Bowl this year I mentioned how classless and rude many Wisconsin fans were-- chanting a**hole & f*** you at young TCU fans for example-- and it brought more than a few defensive Badgers to the site.  I even had one Badger email to tell me that this behavior is acceptable because chanting expletives is a "tradition" at Wisconsin, wow, some tradition.  Actually I got such a kick out the email I thought I would share it with you, unedited except for putting asterisks on the profanity:


Hey Ben
I am a badger fan here, I just want you to know that chanting A**hole and F*** you is part of the tradition. In fact, if you sit at the badger side of section, we are chatting against each other. Literraly, one section will shout, Suck, The other will should fuck you, and then the original section will shout eats***.
Also, chatting a**hole is also parted of the tradition in which to be followed by drinking beer from the beer bong. We did this to a few TCU fans during tail gating.
Good win by the way!

So it would appear that the majority of Badger fans not only do not have a problem with this type of behavior but they rationalize it and feel it is justified.  I would love to hear how they rationalize spitting in a basketball players face.  Now I know that it is slightly unfair to lump a whole fanbase together after some isolated spitting incidents, but let's just say that after my trip to the Rose Bowl no tale you could weave about Wisconsin fans would surprise me. 

Stay classy Wisconsin!