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Seve Fisher Calls Wyoming Firing Of Heath Schroyer Wrong

In today's Mountain West Conference basketball conference, San Diego State head coach Steve Fisher stood up for recently fired Wyoming head coach Heath Schroyer:

"For a coach to be fired with six weeks to go in the season is inexcusable," Fisher said his opening statement in a conference call with reporters. "We talk to our players about commitment, not cutting and running, and yet when things go south a little bit, often our administrators say, 'What do we do to please our biggest donor or the perception standpoint?'"

Fisher also went to say that getting a six-week head start to find a replacement is not worth it. I agree that Schroyer should have at least been allowed to finish the season. To defend the university for a brief moment, Schroyer was given a contrat extension after the 2009 season and since then his record has been a subpar 18-36.

However, a midseason fire does not really give Wyoming that much of a head start in finding a new coach, well unless they want a successful former head coach via Facebook. That coach happens to be Billy Gillespie who was successful at UTEP, Texas A&M and then was let go at Kentucky.

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