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Gary Patterson Takes The High Road About Moving Home Game To Boise State

Last week the Boise State vs. TCU game was officially moved from Fort Worth to Boise and it caused a stir among TCU fans, but Gary Patterson is keeping his cool when talking with Sporting News about the move:

"I wish they had balanced it out a little. The other two teams that are going to be picked high, Air Force and San Diego State, we've got to go on the road there, also. But if you want to win a championship, you've got to be able to go on the road and win."

 "The way I look at it, it prepares us for the Big East," he said. "We're going to have to go play on the road against some really good teams in some hostile environments. For us to grow up as a football team and be what we want to be for a long time, this will be good for us."

While Gary Patterson is saying all the right things and not trying to make people made, he should be upset to play a road schedule against the top three teams in the Mountain West.

We all know that the reason that the game was moved because TCU is bolting for the Big East in 2012, and the conference response to the move was in the best interest in the league. Or in other words "screw you, we are going to make life difficult for you in 2012."

TCU already plays the underdog role quite well, and they will use this new motivation of being screwed over as motivation for next swason.

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