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Boise State Has Many Opt Out Clauses If Big East Fails

Looks like Boise State has some pretty good lawyers on their side as they have negotiated a good deal if they want to get out of the Big East. I guess it is something BYU could not figure out, because Boise State asked for similar buyout clauses if the Big East loses BCS status. However, Boise State is smart and did not ask to leave for free -- unless the extreme happens -- so likely it seems BYU just wanted to keep their home television rights and stay independent all along.

Here are is the buyout details if Boise State wants to leave:

--If everything goes according to plan and the world is full of rainbows and puppy noses, the buyout is $5 million.

--If the Broncos get hosed in the TV deal, the buyout drops to $2.5 million.

--If the Big East loses its AQ status and becomes a glorified C-USA, the buyout drops to $1 million

--And if the Big East fails to maintain western partners for Boise State, there is no buyout. Free Get out of Jail/Purgatory card.

Here are some more specific details from the Idaho Statesman:

--Boise State will pay $2 million to join the Big East, payable over a five-year period with deductions from the school’s year-end revenue distribution. It will pay $1 million to rejoin the WAC, payable over a three-year period.

--To exit the Mountain West, the Broncos will forfeit their 2012-13 revenue distribution — about $2.2 million. Boise State says it will not have to forfeit its bowl payout if it reaches a BCS game next year.

--The [Big East] buyout drops to $2.5 million if the conference doesn’t allocate at least 70 percent of the TV money in its new contract to the football-playing members; to $1 million if the Big East loses its automatic-qualifying status with the BCS; and to zero if the league doesn’t have “an acceptable Western travel partner” for the Broncos.

--Once Boise State joins the [Big East] conference, it will be required to give 27 months notice to depart.

The clause regarding losing AQ-status is interesting since there are reports that there will be no automatic qualifying leagues and a plus-one model instead. That means that whatever the future post season will be on the field play will determine if one gets into a playoff or big money bowl game. Even with no more AQ leagues, Boise State would likely stay due to the revenue they would receive from the new television deal which will easily be four times more than what they are getting from the Mountain West.

Getting out of the league for free is not going to happen because I have a hard time believing that San Diego State would leave the Big East. Also, of interesting note in the Idaho Statesman article is that the Big East is still attempting to add more Western partners and are still going to make another attempt for Air Force and BYU.

Again, kudos to Boise State's lawyers. Guess there are smart people in Potato land, (kidding!).

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