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Wyoming Basketball Update 12/9

The Wyoming Cowboys are off to a hot start in Men's Hoops going 8-1 on the year. They face a tough Colorado squad tonight at 7 PM MST. Follow me after the jump where I will show you how the Pokes got to where they have thus far.



Wyoming playing hard in their 66-49 win

When the last update came, the Pokes were 3-1 after coming off a tough loss in Green Bay. Since then they've rattled off 5 straight wins in dominating fashion. Francisco Cruz continues to lead the team with 13.0 PPG. However, this is definitely a team effort as three other Cowboys are averaging over 10 PPG in 8 or more games. These other three are Luke Martinez, Leona Washington and Adam Waddell. Washington also leads the team in RPG with 6.0.

My biggest question about this team right now is can they keep up the momentum? Their schedule is about to become a lot tougher as the next two weeks progress. Their final five games of 2011 include:

Tonight @Colorado (5-3)

12/13 @UCI (1-6)

12/16 vs Sioux Falls (D-II)

12/19 @Denver (6-2)

12/22 @Idaho St (2-6)

This final 2011 stretch will be successful if the Cowboys can go 3-2 like they should. However, if they go 5-0 look out MWC, because there is another darkhorse contender for the conference title.

Women's BB

The Cowgirls have had a rough start to the season, going 1-6. The one bright spot they've had is their top two scorers, Chaundra Sewell and Ashley Sickles are averaging 11.4 and 11.3 PPG respectively. Sewell also leads the team with 8 RPG. Where they really need to show improvement is raising their FG% from 34.9% and also raising their FT%. The Cowgirls are only shooting 68.7% from the line. For this team to have any shot, of sustaining any lead they have, they have to get the ones that are free.

They also have 5 games left in the 2011 year:

vs. Maryville (2-4)

@Weber St (1-8)

@Idaho (3-6)

vs. UCI (4-5)

vs Bowling Green (5-2)

Realistically, for the Cowgirls to have a successful season, this is the time to do it. Exit 2011 with a bang. I see this easily as a 3-2 stretch, however if the Cowgirls can't bring up my key factors, then we might see another 2-3 or even 1-4 stretch. Here's to optimism!