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Boise State Sending Non-Football Sports Back To The WAC

With Boise State heading to the Big East as football-only they are sending back their other sports back to the WAC beginning in 2013. Basketball is the most impacted sport with the football move and head coach Leon Rice does not care where his Broncos play:

"I'm not paying attention to any of this right now,'' Rice said. "Seriously, I could care less. We're in the middle of our season, we're grinding away. I have no control over it. I'll just be excited wherever we go and whatever happens. I don't think it matters. San Diego State would be leaving, too. So the Mountain West would be changing. The gap between the Mountain West and the Big East or the WAC won't be that much different. You wouldn't believe how little I've focused on it.

"Our football team moved from the WAC to the Mountain West, and then BYU, Utah and TCU all leave, so the league isn't the same when they get there,'' Rice said. "I don't want to speculate or even look at it.''

The basketball team is off to an 8-1 start this year and have never been expected to do all that much, so Rice should just go with the flow and play in whatever league hist team is in. Perhaps a move back to the WAC without Fresno State or Nevada could mean more wins for the hoops team going forward.

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