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Troy Calhoun Said He Never Spoke With Other Schools, Staying Put At Air Force

Earlier today it was being reported that Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun had interviewed for the Texas A&M, but Calhoun did not return messages about the reported interview. Later this afternoon Calhoun responded by saying that he or his staff have not spoken to any other schools and does not have any interest in leaving.

Here is what Calhoun said to the Colorado Springs Gazette:

"Since Gen. (Mike) Gould and his staff been here have not talked with another place," Calhoun said. "There's strong commitment to standards, mission, and cadets of the Air Force Academy.

"Have been asked if I would interview with other places, but committed Academy coaches want to be with those we saw in high schools work and grow through the Academy and graduate."

With Calhoun being an Air Force graduate, and former football player, he gets what the Academy is about and is not looking to leave for any other jobs. During the past year he has turned down the Colorado Buffaloes, Tennessee Volunteers and the Denver Broncos, so there is no reason to not believe Calhoun when he said that he has not spoken to any other schools.

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